COMET PROJECT is the codename for the first video game by COSMOSGLOWS.

It will be a skill-based video game with ideas taken from the legendary snake game of the old Nokia and the classic game Asteroids. It will consist of being a pilot of a spaceship in a not-too-distant future where we will have to collect space debris and prevent the occurrence of a "Kessler Syndrome". What is a "Kessler Syndrome"? To summarize: it is the chain reaction effect that occurs when satellites and artificial stations around Earth start colliding with space debris or other satellites, destroying themselves and creating clouds of debris that rotate at high speed around our planet, in turn colliding with more satellites and elements, causing a chain reaction. To give you an idea, here is the trailer for the movie "Gravity" at this link:


I don't want anyone to be mistaken, the video game I am developing will not aim to be as spectacular as the movie 'Gravity'. There will be no grand visual representation of space debris nor a cinematic narrative. The reference to 'Gravity' is simply to help visualize the concept of the Kessler Syndrome. My goal is to offer a fun and challenging gameplay experience, taking elements from this real phenomenon and applying them to game mechanics in a way that is engaging and entertaining.