Designing main character

"This is Mark, a normal guy tired of his work because it is hard and lonely. He is the maintenance engineer of an automatic transport spaceship and he has been the only crew member for five months, during all this time he has been supervising the transfer of materials between the Earth and the Ark1 station at the Lagrange point L2."

Main character: Mark

Mark is the provisional name that this main character will have during the development of the game because I am not sure what name to give him for now. To create Mark I have used Epic's Metahuman technology, it is a human creator similar to a character editor that we could find in a video game such as Mass Effect.

Metahuman editor from Epic Games

My intention is to import the character in Unreal Engine and base the development using this "metahuman", so all the animations and their logic will be linked to this technology. Surely in the future I will make changes to it but for now I am quite satisfied with the result I have obtained since, in the end, it will look a bit far and I am more concerned about other aspects such as: how I am going to animate it.

I'm going to talk to you about why I created this character like this:

Metahuman editor from Epic Games

As we can see in the photo, Mark has some gray hair and some dark circles under his eyes, he spends months in space and this is not easy, so this ages his body and mind a lot. He doesn't have a happy face, he looks tired as he has a hard life close to slavery. That is why I have generated him with these characteristics.

He's not going to be a superhero, he's going to be a normal person with his limitations.