Applying animations from the Marketplace on the Metahuman

As I said in the previous post, I have now tried with animations that I can find in the Marketplace instead of recording my own animations. I found a pretty interesting free animation pack with which to start building my character for the game prototype. The problem has been that they were animations created for the skeleton of Unreal Engine 4 and when applying it to the new skeleton you have to make adjustments because the result is this:

animation library ik activated

As you can see in this animation generated in the Retargeter, the character walks with his arms wide open and his fingers deformed.

To fix this, follow a series of steps:

First disable the option to import the animation with the IK inside the Retargeter:

animation library retargeter

With this we managed to fix the problem of the arms but the fingers are still twisted. If we try an animation from Epic Games we can see that it is a widespread problem:

animation library destroyed fingers

To fix this, we have to modify the animation manually by moving each finger and saving a key frame for each bone.

animation library correcting finger

With patience we will achieve it... finally the result is already quite satisfactory:

animation library animation applied

However, we immediately see how when climbing a ladder the feet do not rest where they would normally be because the IKs are missing:

animation library ik problem

For this I have modified the blueprints to obtain the necessary logic to modify the position of the character's bones and achieve the desired effect. The end result is already completely satisfactory:

animation library final result

Soon I will make the character can do a basic set of animations to move around the stage.