Designing the Poison Drone

In the game there will be some centinels on the ship looking to destroy you.

During the attack the main AI activate all drones and robots to seek and destroy the attackers, but during the shooting the ship get heavily damaged and the AI loose the connection with her centinels. Then, Mark has to arrange all this mess with all drones and robots looking for him thinking that is another attacker.

The main gameplay will be try to avoid the sentinels but, if you have objects in your inventory, maybe you could make a trap to eliminate them one by one.

So, now I want to design a simple enemy.

I imagine a future in that we have to save resources so the centinels can not be very complex and must be armored and efficient. In addition, the main goal is to defend the ship without damaging it, so meanwhile the human attackers are using fireguns the centinels must use poison darts or knives to eliminate humans and hacking or electronic weapons against other ships or drones.

The first centinel that I want to do is a simple drone that I call Poison Drone. It's like a mini tank with a rotating head to aim and shot poison darts from his little flowgun.

Designing the Poison Drone

The designs for the enemies will be simple and robust, like the robots on Interestellar movie, but with a more simple motion system: wheels or caterpillars.

The Poison Drone will have one eye in his head and a flowgun with poison darts. Will be capable to look for Mark and pursue him by ship corridors and rooms meanwhile his caterpillars can pass by doors and plain floors. Can rotate his head to find his target and fire darts. Mark could do traps to block or destroy his caterpillars or something like a mini P.E.M. to destroy his internal circuits and deactivate the Poison Drone... or try to run faster than him.

To make a prototype of the centinels I bought an assets package on Epic Marketplace, I think that this one fits all my needs for now:

Designing the Poison Drone

With this I'm making this prototype, the design it's far from my vision but will work for now:

Designing the Poison Drone

Next steps: make it move.