Lights with more features

In my last post I have created a base Blueprint to make lamps in my game called BP_BaseLamp. With this base lamp I have a basic light system and now I need to add some features which will be useful to improve the game ambient.

I need to add mainly two things:

  • Something to make sound ambient, like an electric hum.
  • Something to make light alterations with intensity variations to represent malfunctional lamps.

For the sound ambient I have added a sound component that is activable through a public Boolean variable. It’s part of the base lamp Blueprint so I can stablish different sound ambient for each derived child lamp Blueprint with a predefined sound. In addition, I will be able to stablish a different sound from the predefined one in every lamp instance.

For the light alterations I have made:

  • 4 different animations to change the light intensity variable using Timelines.
  • With every alteration play a sparks sound. Every sound has the same duration than the alteration.

Inheritance in Blueprints

  • An array of points where to spawn a Niagara particle system to throw sparks when an alteration starts.

Inheritance in BlueprintsInheritance in Blueprints

Inheritance in Blueprints

  • A sound component to make an electric noise ambient sound.

Inheritance in BlueprintsInheritance in BlueprintsInheritance in Blueprints

Inheritance in Blueprints

All these features are part of the main BP_BaseLamp and I can customize and configure what sparks can throw changing the Niagara System through creating child Blueprints derived from the main BP_BaseLamp or changing its configuration on every lamp in the game.

In addition, I made some Boolean variables to configure if I want to make a malfunctional lamp, if it will throw sparks and if I want them to make noise.

This is the options panel of my lamp Blueprint:

Inheritance in Blueprints

This video on Youtube shows the result of these new features: Youtube - Lamp Malfunctions - Features overview

I tested the sparks throw with normal and Lumen lighting. It's interesting how Lumen illuminates the scene with the sparks. You can see it on Youtube here: Youtube - Lamp Malfunctions - Normal vs Lumen lighting

Next will be the buttons Blueprints.

Inheritance in Blueprints