Initial advices

Before I start my project, even before I start designing how I want my game to be, it's time to get familiar with Unreal Engine.

I have been learning what I could in tutorials, Udemy courses, etc. and I would like to advise free resources where to start to learn how to handle Unreal in a practical and easy way.

Being free resources they are limited but they can be very useful since this software is complex at first and it is easy to get lost.

The following YouTube channel have been very helpful:

- Kayra North: it's a new channel about Unreal where I've learned a lot, she explains in a very clear and direct way. Specifically, I would advise you to watch and practice with all her videos since she starts from scratch and deals with basic topics initially until he reaches more complex concepts such as using Metahuman. Now she is going to start making her own game.

All these videos are in Spanish, however Epic's tutorials have also been very helpful in English, especially this introductory one: Your First Game in Unreal Engine 5.

So before starting I think it is highly recommended to have the basics learned.

In addition I would like to share this Youtube channel:

- Guinxu: he has a channel where he talks about his things, his projects and explains curiosities about how to do certain visual tricks, logic in games, etc. He doesn't focus on doing an A to Z tutorial and works with Unity, but the concepts that he explains are very interesting and applicable. He has recently created his own game, Flatworld.