Installing Unreal Engine

The first logical step is to install the Unreal Engine and get started. In this post we will briefly describe how to install the engine.

Before continuing, I would like to emphasize that all the screenshots will be in English. I recommend using the English version of the software because it's not fully translated into some languages like Spanish. Also, another reason why it is advisable to use Unreal in English is because the concepts in the world of programming tend to be in English, for example: we usually say "shader" instead of "sombreador" in Spanish to refer to the part of the software that draws the screen.

With that said, we can continue.

First go to the Epic Games Store website since the software is available through its launcher. Click on the blue button where it says "Download":

Install Epic Games Store

A file will be downloaded with the installer from the Epic Games Store, you install it and open the application. The first time it will ask you for your account, if you don't have one you will have to create a new one:

Open Epic Games Store

Then you will see the main screen. In the upper right part you have the icon of your profile where you can configure the "launcher" as you wish. Now to continue with the installation of Unreal Engine we will click on Unreal Engine on the left side of the screen:

Install Epic Games Store

We will select the "Library" section:

Install Epic Games Store

Inside the library we will have our inventory of assets, projects and installed versions of Unreal.

  • "Assets" will be resources that you can acquire in the Unreal Engine marketplace inside the Epic Games Store launcher. Some are free and some are not. It is worth being alert as each month they give away some assets.
  • "Projects" is the section where you will see the list of projects you have. For each one, it is indicated in which version of Unreal they are being made.
  • Above you will see some boxes with each of the versions of Unreal that you have installed. Over time you still need to install more than one version to work with new elements that a previous version does not have or to avoid a bug in a new version that you have tested.
  • The yellow "Launch" button at the top right that you can see in the screenshot is used to launch the default version of Unreal from among those you have installed. If you don't have any this button doesn't work.

Next we will press the + button to add a version of Unreal if we do not have any installed:

Install Epic Games Store

A gray box appears where we can select the version of Unreal that we want to install by clicking on the version number and then clicking on the yellow "Install" button:

Install Epic Games Store

The installation process can take a long time. Patience...

Once the desired version is installed, the box appears in a bluish color and the "Launch" button remains active. Pressing this button runs Unreal:

Install Epic Games Store

And that's all. You already have Unreal installed:

New Project