What game I want to do?

I have in mind to make a short sci-fi survival game. I'm not sure about the duration but for now I don't think it will exceed 5 hours.


The game will take place in the not too distant future during the construction of gigantic space stations at the Lagrange point L2, near the remains of the James Webb telescope. The necessary materials are transported from Earth in huge space freighters. They are commanded by an AI and has a crew composed by a lonely human maintenance technician and, to avoid attacks and stowaways, robots and sentinel drones. In the game we will embody the maintenance technician in one of these cargo ships and, obviously, something goes wrong.

There is an explosion that causes serious damage to the ship and the AI that governs it loses control of all systems and sentinels that, for some reason, remain programmed in “search and eliminate” mode. The game will start at this point and we will have to repair and get the ship to a safe port while we survive the attacks of the sentinel robots.

Scenary design


I plan to make a game in 3d seen from the side in a similar way to Little Nightmares. The gameplay will be very reminiscent of the first Resident Evil, in which we will have a very limited inventory and we will have to find and combine objects to carry out repairs on the ship, having to overcome obstacles and closed doors along the way.

As for the clashes against robots and drones, I have thought of a stealth-based gameplay based on hiding and making traps. I don't know how far I can go, but for now my idea is to make the matchups against the bots as different as possible so that I have to apply different tactics and items.

Next steps

Soon I will create a game level to test the gameplay. It will be useless making the game if I don't first make sure it's fun to play.